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First Church Isn't Church As Usual - Judgment Free Worship, With People Just Like You.
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The Pastor's Welcome Remarks

Our Senior Pastor, Reverend Paul Jones, has been in ministry for more than 20 years. Below is his warm welcome message to all the new attendees:

"We would like to welcome you to what we feel is one of the warmest, most loving families in the city - First Church, formerly known as Hollingsworth Memorial Family Worship Center. More than anything else, we want you to feel a part of our family as we worship and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. At First Church, we exalt one Savior, Jesus Christ... we proclaim one message, His Gospel... and we purpose to demonstrate His love to our city and the world. Whether you are single, married attending with your family, or just 'checking things out' on your own, we are greatly honored by your presence and seek to serve you in any way that will spiritually enrich your life. Again, welcome to First Church." - Pastor Paul.

Reverend Paul Jones

Join The Experience & Get Involved

Are you looking to connect with God for the first time in your life or are you feeling stalled with your Spiritual growth? At First Church, it doesn't matter what denomination you are from or if you have any church background at all. Whether you are seeking to grow deeper in an existing relationship with God or perhaps just checking out the claims of Christ, you have come to the right place!

Our congregation is comprised of imperfect people who are continuously growing in their Christian experience. Through our teachings, worship and fellowship, we continue to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. Our focus is reaching the lost, building up believers and providing an environment that welcomes everyone. It is because of His grace and love that we're able to gather together each week to learn more about His plan for our lives.

At First Church, we are committed to and focused on your future. What matters is your final destination. It is our desire to partner with you on life's journey, to encourage you in your struggles, to cover you in prayer, and to equip you with the tools you need to successfully walk with Christ.


Join Us Today

There are many ways to become a church member. One is to submit a letter from another church. Another is to present yourself for membership during a worship service, coming from a church of another denomination or having no current active church membership elsewhere. You might also choose to discuss membership with one of our church leaders after service. Whatever your preference is, we open our doors, our arms and our hearts to all and we invite you to fellowship with us. We welcome multicultural members.

Donate To Our Church

We welcome monetary donations to help us in our ministries within the community and abroad. As a local church, we are in need of donations in order to grow our community and to better help those who are in need. You can donate directly to our church or on our website through PayPal. All donations are tax deductible.

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